What is sketchnoting?

Sketchnoting means recording your thoughts by creating visual notes. A sketch note is a mixture of handwriting and visual elements like drawings, shapes, arrows, boxes, and lines. Adding visualization to traditional handwritten notes fosters understanding and creativity.

However, the term “sketch note” is often used for any kind of visualization or mixed with other trendy topics like graphic recording, illustration, doodling, and so on.

Sketchnoting is a form of note-taking, hence the “noting” part of it, but as you might guess it involves bringing more visuals into the process compared to typical note-taking, hence the “sketch” part.

Sketch Note definition

The whole idea behind adding sketches to your notes is that it taps into parts of your brain that would lie dormant if you only use words to explore ideas. It’s the combination of the two that’s most powerful – using both words and visuals while taking notes.

That’s what will fully light up your brain.

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