Welcoming extraordinary sketch noting professionals

SketchNoters.com is the global community of extraordinary sketch noting and visual thinking professionals. Our history is long, SketchNoters.com welcomes extraordinary sketch noting professionals to grow stronger together to improve lives, businesses and the world.

Our Purpose

We are the global sketch noters community driven by the shared belief that the world needs better visualizers. We come together in SketchNoters.com to become better visual thinking professionals and better people. Through SketchNoters Community, we are inspired and supported to make a difference in the lives, businesses and the world we impact.

Our Members

Our members are sketch noting and visual thinking professionals from across the Globe. Our community is an inclusive and welcoming one. Each member brings a diverse background of culture, perspectives, ideas and expertise. These are the people who strive to grow in all aspects of their lives, with a thirst for learning and new experiences and to contribute in developing sketch noting practices across the Globe.

Our Community

SketchNoters.com is an inclusive community of open sharing and trust. Here, we learn from one another, access rich learning programs, share exceptional experiences and make lasting friendships.

Your journey in SketchNoters community opens a world of relationships and opportunities that create monumental impact for your business and for your life.

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