From day one, SketchNoters opens a world of opportunities that spans borders, cultures and generations. Your unique experience is customizable to create monumental impact for your sketch noting profession and for your life.

Your community

Your SketchNoters experience is built on a foundation of community.
You choose how you want to connect.

Connect locally

Your journey begins with your SketchNoters Group — your home base in the SketchNoters community. Groups are central to creating lasting relationships with local members through bespoke learning, social events and shared experiences in the same geographic area.

Connect globally

Your SketchNoters experience expands exponentially through SketchNoters Networks. These virtual interest-based communities open the door to peers who share your professional and personal interests.

Connect personally

Our community’s most personal connection point is SketchNoters forums. A small, tight-knit group that forges deep, trusting relationships, providing a confidential resource you can rely on unconditionally for honest insight and perspective.

Connect through leadership

Across our community, members step up to serve, driving the SketchNoters experience on every level. You can join members across the globe, who volunteer to lead without authority, communicate across cultures, build consensus, grow in your profession and celebrate relationships along the way.

Your journey

Expand your perspectives, enrich your life and elevate your sketch noting profession.
Choose what is most important and meaningful to you – and bring the family.

Expand perspectives through events

Your professional journey is enriched through local, regional, global and virtual events every year. These world-class educational experiences, culturally immersive programs and unique family adventures provide opportunities to learn differently and explore the world. Encourage your family to get involved to enjoy the experience together.

Grow through lifelong learning & sharing

Learning and knowledge-sharing drives the SketchNoters experience.
Your access to unbiased learning through interactive virtual, on-demand and in-person experiences supports growth in every stage of your professional life.

Elevate your brand

The reach and connectivity you gain from SketchNoters includes access and learning with partners across the globe, including strategic learning relationships. These relationships bring you unique shared learning experiences, exclusive business and personal content and proprietary insights. You can also raise your profile in top-tier business media through SketchNoters partnerships with influential media outlets.

Impact beyond business

We believe business is a force for good in the world beyond generating prosperity and wealth. Achieving impact beyond profit motivates our members across the world to make a difference in lives, businesses and communities. Your SketchNoters relationships and experiences will support and inspire you to lead and scale more purpose-driven, future-ready businesses. We celebrate our members around the world making significant, sustainable impact inside and outside of our organization.

Ready to elevate your leadership journey?

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