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Why I should become a member?

Joining the SketchNoters community connects you with sketch noters and visual practitioners across the globe. You’ll have full access to the marketing, educational, and networking tools on the website.

As a member, you can:

  • Market yourself by creating your own personal page on the website, where you can showcase your work, promote events, keep a blog, and more.
  • Your personal page will be linked to the Member Directory, where potential clients can search for you in the  worldwide directory, or by skill, specialty or language.
  • Participate in local gatherings
  • Create and join Groups and Forum discussions with other members
  • Gain access to statistics and information about the field for research or marketing purposes
  • Serve on the SketchNoters Board
  • Join the planning team for our annual SketchNoters conference
  • Serve on other board groups and committees
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