World Sketchnote Day


January 11, 2023    
All Day


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World sketchnote day is observed on January 11th every year. A few years ago, Mike Rohde and Mauro Toselli created this day in 2016 to empower the sketchnote and to unite the community at least for the day.

It is about making a rough sketch of the task you want to learn or complete and sharing the same with everyone else who is in need of the task to complete.

Sketchnoting is a visual note that allows people to remember their ideas better and become more creative with it. Once you took down the Sketchnote, you can share it in social media for your friends and others.

On this holiday, you can connect with people who feel the same way about their notes and can find new ideas to communicate about it.

We’re inviting speakers for the event. If you would like to speak/present at the event, drop us a note at


Bookings are closed for this event.

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